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Many of us have heard of the idea, that the universe is inside of us.  This idea, goes over the heads of many, as they fail to understand how literal, it’s meant to be taken.  We can’t think about it in a literal sense, if we first haven’t had the experience of it.  Many of us can grasp it on an intellectual level, and perhaps even on a slightly spiritual level, because when someone talks about it, it resonates, we recognize it as the truth.  It jogs our memory, so to speak.  However, the experience of this, has yet to be realized.  We often don’t realize that we can ever have this experience, because we’re too busy, being a person.  We’re too busy focused on physicality, acting out the role we wish to act out.  A mystic however, has a yearning for deeper understanding of physicality, and why they must play a role at all.  Then they have an experience, that tells them, that all roles, are merely experiences, and that behind those experiences, is all that is.  It all springs from all that is, which is the universe.  They dive into the oneness, the love, the divinity, inside their own being, which brings them to the realization, that it’s all one being.  We can do many different things, we can pretend to be separate, however it all springs from the same being.  Many people call it the present moment, some call it the now, others call it the universe, or supreme being, the absolute, and of course, god.  

When we come into being, everyone experiences, the same thing.  Awareness.  There are greater degrees of awareness, some, more aware than others, more realized, more evolved.  Others, still identified with thought, mind, and body.  When we come into being, we quickly realize, that we are not our minds, or our bodies, we are the awareness that gives the mind and body its life, its consciousness.  The reason we know that there is nothing beyond the awareness, is because we can only become more aware, more of who we are, more alive.  So we go through a process, through the levels of awareness, we first, stop identifying with the ego, and then we stop identifying with the mind, and then after a while, we stop identifying with the body, because at first, we go into our bodies, and our body feels so alive, so real, because we’re paying more attention to it, possibly for the first time in our lives.  Our senses are enhanced, food tastes better, sex is amazing, you feel compassion, and kindness, empathy for others.  However, after a while, there is still this sense, that there is more.  Beyond the body.  So we start to focus more on that sense, which is, awareness, we focus more on living in the present moment.  We monitor the mind, we focus on the body, and yet we focus further still, on the awareness coming into the body.  Meditation, and yoga, are practices based on this focus, incorporating body mind and awareness, also known as soul, into our lives.

Then one day, perhaps intentionally, or by surprise, you get drawn into a deeper awareness, beyond the body, and you experience your interconnectedness with all life.  New feelings arise within you, intuitive feelings, often an ego death occurs at this point.  Because the ego is not real, and so when you go into deeper awareness, the ego cannot follow.  Only whats real is in this deeper awareness.  You discover, that you are not a fragment of the universe, but you are the entire universe, focusing itself, on the experience you’re having, on your current body, and identity.  A new consciousness emerges, a new perspective of life, a new understanding, a new intelligence, that you never knew you had.  With the ego gone, this state is blissful, there is no suffering there.  Some of us, can only maintain this state, while in a meditative state, where as others have learned they can maintain this state, all of the time.  Enabling them to go through life, devoid of all ego, and instead, take full responsibility for their thoughts, and actions, and create the reality they choose to create.   The more we allow ourselves to come into being, into awareness, the more clarity we have, and the more empowered we are.  Knowing that the universe, is who you are, you understand, that everyone around you, is literally you, in a different reality.  So you understand by default, that suffering is entirely, and completely, self imposed.  With this perspective, you understand the suffering of all people, and can help all people, understand their own suffering. You can clearly see how others keep themselves, in their own self imposed prison, which enables you to understand them in ways you may not have before.  You suddenly have the power to accept them for who they are, without feeling the need to change them.  You can help them if they want to be helped, but you understand that this self imposed suffering, is exactly what they want to be going through, and trying to change that, just leads to more suffering!

By becoming self realized, that you are the universe, you have the capability, to just accept life as it is, and allow yourself to flow with it.  You see negativity, not as a bad thing any longer, but as a lesson, as a new opportunity, a way of growth.  You know that if you truly want to change your reality, you have to change yourself, which is, by being you, the universe!  The power of the universe is within you, it is life itself. The universe is alive, and the only way to change anything in your life, is to change not the reflection, the physical body, but the being within it.  Then the reflection changes in an incredible way.